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Verifying Ownership - Why it's Important to Us



They feel appreciated to know that We take their property seriously.

Happy Woman

They appreciate the kindness and lengths we go to prevent fraudulent attempts to get into their property

They are happy to know that there we protect their home and auto property. We give a extra safety precaution.

Verifying Ownership Before Opening Your Property

Verifying ownership is important to ensure an authorized resident or individual is requesting the locksmith work.

Yes, we know it can be troublesome, but we will ask you to provide proof of your legal authority to call us to unlock a car or a residence, as well as make keys. Is the title in your name and is it available? Is the registration in accordance with your driver's license? Your driver's license may not have the home's address listed. Etc…


If you do not have ownership of the property you're requesting us to unlock or make keys

for, we'll ask that someone who does to provide their permission first. They can complete

our Authorization Form and list who the service is for and how they are related to you.

What Can be Provided as Proof of Ownership Before We Let You In?

Homes / Businesses

  • Provide a driver's license with the address of the property

  • Provide a piece of mail addressed to you at the property with a photo ID

  • Show company records (business card or website) that shows you name and position with the company

  • Provide a copy of the lease

  • We can look you up on the county property records to verify the name of the owner, then provide an ID when we are onsite matching that name

  • If you’ve just purchased the home, and don’t have a key, a closing statement will work


  • Your name will need to be on the car’s registration, proof of insurance, or title with a photo id

What Is Not Valid Proof of Ownership?

  • We don’t accept “phone authorizations” because it can be anyone on the phone.

  • We don’t accept email authorizations, because anyone could have sent the email.

We do this for the property owner, to protect the property from someone trying to get into it illegally.

Sometimes, potential customers may complain about having to provide this information before we will let them in and Yes, we may lose the business, but that’s OK. Because that’s a red flag. We won’t risk your property

You Are Important


Most of the time, customers understand the need to provide

ownership documentation. They get it, we’re protecting them.

We’re professionals and we're here to help you.

We want to keep your property safe and you happy!

Send Proof of Ownership to us at along

with your name and service

to be provided!

Thank You!

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